Fruitful journey - QEdge at Sitecore DX 2023 Sydney


Sydney, Australia - QEdge, a leading Sitecore implementation and localization provider, was invited to the recent Sitecore DX 2023 Sydney event held on September 12th.

Sitecore DX 2023 Sydney brought hundreds of change leaders together to share the future of digital experience.

Sitecore DX 2023 Sydney

Discussion on the Future Composable Digital Experience

The Sitecore DX Sydney event provided a glimpse into the future of composable digital experience platforms.

Keynotes and showcases highlighted Sitecore's visionary roadmap and new capabilities like XM Cloud Forms.

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“This is the moment to innovate,” said Sitecore CEO Steve Tzikakis during his opening keynote. “Many businesses are at an inflection point in their journey, and we now have the technology, the skills in our ecosystem, and the conviction. The time to be bold is now.”

Sitecore's Senior Vice President of Product Marketing, Graeme Chard, outlined the key benefits of the digital experience platform. He characterized Sitecore as a "cloud-native, composable" solution, meaning it is built specifically for the cloud and allows users to easily combine and integrate different services and components.

Sitecore DX 2023 Sydney

Sitecore DX 2023 Sydney has invigorated an appetite for change, and customers will ultimately benefit — with faster response times, reinvented customer service, and intuitive digital experiences.

QEdge representatives met with Sitecore executives and partners to discuss latest technological innovations, products, and customer service. They showed interest in working with QEdge to develop competitive solutions and better serve enterprises across APAC.

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Discussions were promising with each partner, with concrete plans in place for follow-up meetings and exploring collaboration on client projects and local opportunities.

Vercel discussed their integration with XM Cloud and plans to enter China

Key Takeaways to Fuel Future Growth

The Sydney DX Conference provided invaluable networking and industry insight, including Sitecore's roadmap for enhanced composable architecture, seamless cloud deployment, and streamlined content creation. Powerful new capabilities like XM Cloud Forms demonstrate Sitecore's commitment to simplifying digital experience delivery. Integrations with best-of-breed vendors also show the flexibility of Sitecore's open and connected DXP.

A QEdge team member noted, "We gained a lot from a stronger appreciation of Sitecore's product vision, connects with new partners, and several solid customer leads. Our team is excited to build on these relationships to expand QEdge's Sitecore implementation expertise into new regions and verticals."

With over 15 years as a dedicated Sitecore Implementation Partner, QEdge continues to be laser-focused on delivering certified Sitecore solutions for enterprises and brands worldwide.

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Expanding QEdge’s Global Reach

The Sitecore DX Symposium provides the ideal venue to showcase expertise, forge strategic partnerships, and identify new business opportunities across the APAC region and beyond. QEdge benefitted from stronger connections, greater insight, and a more visible profile in the Sitecore ecosystem.

Ongoing participation in global events like Sitecore DX allows QEdge to serve customers across Australia, Southeast Asia, and international markets.

We will follow up on Australian leads, strengthening new partnerships, and conveying the power of QEdge's customer-optimized solutions for global brands.