Congratulations! 12 QEdge Team Members Achieved Sitecore Content Hub Developer Certification


QEdge is pleased to announce that twelve of its team members have recently passed the Sitecore Content Hub Developer Certification. This certification demonstrates their deep expertise in customizing, extending, and integrating the Sitecore Content Hub platform.

The Sitecore Content Hub Developer Certification covers advanced topics like customizing the Content Hub interface, developing custom workflows, integrating with external systems via APIs, developing connectors, and more. By attaining this certification, QEdge's developers have shown they possess the skills needed to handle complex implementations and integrations using the Content Hub.

List of 12 QEdge Team Members Who Got Sitecore Content Hub Developer Certification

List of 12 QEdge Team Members Who Got Sitecore Content Hub Developer Certification -1
List of 12 QEdge Team Members Who Got Sitecore Content Hub Developer Certification -2
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About QEdge and Sitecore Content Hub Developer Certification

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Having certified Sitecore Content Hub developers provides significant advantages for QEdge and its clients:

Cutting-Edge Expertise

The Sitecore Content Hub Developer exam tests a wide range of practical skills needed for advanced Content Hub projects. By passing this exam, QEdge's developers have proven they are up-to-date on the latest Content Hub capabilities and development best practices. This ensures they can deliver innovative solutions that leverage the full power of the platform.

Increased Implementation Speed

Certified Sitecore Content Hub developers have hands-on experience completing real-world development tasks on the platform. This allows them to quickly turn requirements into working code. Because they already understand the Inner workings of Sitecore Content Hub, certified developers can deliver solutions faster.

Complex Integrations Simplified

Connecting Content Hub to external systems can be challenging without deep knowledge. With certified Sitecore developers who understand APIs, connectors, and integrations, QEdge can handle even the most complex Content Hub integration projects with ease. Customers can count on a smooth integration process and accelerated content sharing.

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Better Collaboration with Sitecore

Sitecore recognizes certified developers as experts in the platform. This makes it easier for QEdge to collaborate with Sitecore on innovative and technically challenging projects that require tight coordination between their developers and ours. As a Sitecore gold implementation partner, our shared knowledge benefits customers.

Trusted Content Hub Expertise

The Sitecore Content Hub Developer certification validates deep platform expertise through hands-on testing. Customers can trust that certified developers truly understand the technology and can deliver high-quality solutions optimized for their needs. The certification provides assurance of their advanced skills.

Unlocking Content Hub’s Full Potential

Certified Sitecore developers understand how to exploit Content Hub's capabilities to the fullest. They can deliver solutions that take advantage of the platform's latest features and functionality. Customers benefit from innovations that solve their specific business challenges.

With twelve Sitecore Content Hub certified developers on staff, QEdge is positioned to deliver the most advanced Content Hub solutions on the market. Their expertise will allow us to handle intricate platform customizations, complex integrations, and innovative feature development. Customers can expect an optimized experience from planning through implementation and beyond.

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To learn more about QEdge's Content Hub development services, contact our team today. We're ready to leverage our certified experts to unlock the full potential of the platform for your organization. With seasoned Sitecore developers on staff, we have the knowledge to translate your goals into reality.

About Sitecore Content Hub

Sitecore Content Hub is a headless content management system that decouples content creation from delivery. It allows omnichannel content to be managed, organized, and delivered to any platform from a single source.

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Key capabilities include:

  • Content Modeling - Flexible modeling tools allow both marketers and developers to structure content types and fields. This simplifies omnichannel content planning.
  • Modular Content - Content components can be assembled into flexible content fragments for omnichannel reuse. Authors craft content once and reuse it anywhere.
  • Workflows - Sophisticated workflows streamline the content review, approval, and publishing process across teams, ensuring content is high-quality.
  • Personalization - Content can be personalized for different audiences and channels based on business rules and user data.
  • APIs and Integrations - APIs and integration tools allow Content Hub to connect with other martech and external systems for seamless omnichannel experiences.
  • Global Content Sharing - Global teams can collaborate on content in the platform while adhering to region-specific regulations on content governance.
  • Experience Optimization - Experience optimization tools provide insights that allow teams to continually refine content performance.

With its headless architecture, Content Hub is highly extensible, scalable, and device-agnostic. It decouples content from delivery to allow omnichannel reuse. Certified Sitecore developers are best positioned to exploit these capabilities for innovative customer experiences.

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