We are a Sitecore Platinum Partner.

As a Sitecore Platinum Partner, we pride ourselves on successfully delivering numerous Sitecore projects since the early days of Sitecore 5.0 back in 2009. We have the full experience in the development and maintenance of all versions of Sitecore.

Desktop and mobile-friendly Sitecore development
Drop-in services with innovation & profession.

Comprehensive Solution
With 16 years of experience in Sitecore development and operations, QEdge has implemented, developed, and maintained multiple large-scale projects. We offer comprehensive Sitecore services that span from strategic planning to design, development, maintenance, upgrades, and migration. As the first partner in China to utilize Sitecore SXA technology, we are able to effectively leverage SXA technology to accelerate project development progress.
Adapting to Global Digital Ecosystem
We’re experienced in integrating Sitecore with LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and more. Over the years, we’ve assisted our international clients in navigating this ever-changing digital era, helping them achieve their branding and marketing goals without compromising the benefits of Sitecore, such as centralized and consolidated data storage and management.
Sitecore SaaS Solutions
In addition, we've developed a Sitecore Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution hosted and managed on cloud infrastructure within China. This enables you to provide an optimized experience for your Chinese visitors/users in a quicker, more cost-effective manner. Experience the benefits of our tailored Sitecore development services, Sitecore implementation, and Sitecore maintenance solutions today.
Operation & Maintenance Service
QEdge can provide customers with application and infrastructure solutions operation support and maintenance services, from all stages of the project life cycle, to help customers steamline IT operation & maintenance, improve operation & maintenance efficiency. Combining with proactive and preventive services to reduce business risks, we ensure compliance and information security under the cloud native architecture, so that customers can focus more on their own business growth.
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