Qedge Empowered Cochlear's Market Expansion with Sitecore


Operating in 30 countries, Cochlear Ltd has cooperated with Qedge and expanded its Sitecore digital platform to Cochlear China to support the company's market growth from business-to-business to business-to-consumer.

Cochlear China's business-to-consumer market includes parents of young children, as well as the previously untapped market of adults and advocates who believe deafness should not be an inevitable condition.

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The sounds of birds chirping, wind rustling through leaves, and people laughing are sounds that most take for granted. However, millions of people have never been able to hear these sounds due to profound deafness.

Cochlear Ltd., with its industry-leading medical devices and technology, is working to give the gift of hearing to those with profound deafness.

Cochlear's medical devices can help deaf people hear and experience sounds for the very first time. The company is committed to providing hearing solutions that improve people's quality of life.

The Sitecore digital platform enables Cochlear China to better engage and interact directly with consumers online, providing information on hearing treatments, patient stories, and different hearing options.

With the support from Qedge, Cochlear successfully gave the gift of sound to millions.

Challenge: Transform from B2B to B2C

According to The Borgen Project, a US non-profit organization, there are approximately 27.8 million people in China who experience hearing loss, of which 11% are over the age of 60. Cochlear China and its parent company, Cochlear Ltd. - a global leader in medical device technology - are tackling hearing loss through innovative cochlear implant technology, a surgical procedure that can significantly improve hearing.

However, Cochlear China was limited by its business-to-business focus and needed to directly engage consumers. This included not only parents researching treatments for their children but also the large unreached market of adults with hearing loss. It aims to change the perception that hearing loss is an inevitable part of aging.

What's more, accurate translation of complex medical and regulated information is also crucial. Cochlear China sought to build consumer and brand awareness for cochlear implant technology, demonstrating its affordability and benefits. The business required a digital platform to easily provide information to consumers, raise brand awareness, and market products.

Solution: A streamlined, consumer-focused solution

Qedge provides digital solutions to Cochlear

With Cochlear Ltd.'s trust in Sitecore as an enterprise-wide digital experience platform, Cochlear China chose Sitecore to support its expansion into the consumer market.

That's when Qedge went onto the stage.

As a Sitecore gold implementation partner, QEdge Digital Solutions provided technical, strategic, and Chinese market knowledge. They also implemented Sitecore XP Headless JSS hosted on Alibaba Cloud within China. They seamlessly integrated Sitecore with other marketing technology tools to enable omnichannel and multi-language engagement with Chinese consumers.

Sitecore integration with TransPerfect streamlines the process of translating standardized digital assets from Cochlear corporate into localized content. Through Sitecore, Cochlear China now has an enterprise-level platform to deliver personalized, consumer-focused, omnichannel digital experiences, including through local social media channels like Weibo and WeChat.

Outcome: Relevant, personalized experiences for B2C consumers

Cochlear got amazing outcome

By localizing for the Chinese market, Cochlear China saw remarkable results, including a 56% year-over-year increase in brand awareness and a 90% boost in consumer engagement.

Additionally, web traffic consistently rose between 10% and 30% every two months. Partnering with Sitecore and QEdge Digital Solutions enabled Cochlear China to deliver relevant and personalized experiences to visitors based on their browsing behavior and search queries.

Furthermore, content creation became more efficient and streamlined, contributing to Cochlear's ongoing success in transforming lives through advanced hearing solutions.

The partnership with Sitecore and QEdge Digital Solutions to localize for the Chinese market yielded impressive growth for Cochlear China, including:

  •  A 56% year-over-year increase in brand awareness
  • A 90% increase in consumer engagement
  • Web traffic consistently rose between 10% to 30% every two months

Partnering with Sitecore and QEdge Digital Solutions enabled Cochlear China to:

  • Deliver personalized experiences to website visitors based on their browsing behavior and search queries
  • Improve the efficiency of content creation
  • Streamline content authoring

These benefits contributed to Cochlear's success in providing advanced hearing solutions that transform people's lives. By localizing its digital presence for the Chinese market, Cochlear China was able to significantly grow its brand awareness, consumer engagement, and web traffic - demonstrating the value of a tailored digital experience platform.