QEdge: An Authentic Leading Sitecore Asia Partner


As an experienced Sitecore Asia partner, QEdge Digital Solutions has spent over 15 years leveraging the Sitecore platform to deliver exceptional digital experiences for clients across industries.

QEdge: A Leading Sitecore Asia Partner

Operating out of major business hubs including Sydney, Singapore, Hong Kong, and mainland China, QEdge is uniquely positioned to provide end-to-end Sitecore solutions that optimize engagement throughout Asia's expansive markets.

By achieving Sitecore's prestigious Gold Partner status, QEdge gains access to a wealth of benefits that consistently strengthen its Sitecore practice. Early exposure to new product innovations allows our team of certified developers and architects to stay on the cutting edge of technology. Discounted licensing enables flexible prototyping and demonstration environments, while ongoing training keeps expertise sharp. Partnership events offer peer learning with other top Sitescore agencies worldwide.

qedge:  sitecore partner

QEdge is also an active participant in the global Sitecore community. The company has a Sitecore implementation team of more than 40 experts, over 90% of whom are qualified for Sitecore certification. Feedback provided to Sitecore helps ensure the platform continues evolving to best serve the diverse needs of Asian clients. Through this engaged partnership, QEdge gains strategic insights that empower uniquely regionalized implementation approaches.

Tailoring Sitecore to Asia’s Markets

With localized offices throughout China and Australia, QEdge brings an unparalleled understanding of regional nuances to every Sitecore project. A deep respect for cultural sensitivities informs user experience designs that authentically resonate in each market. Both generalist and Mandarin-speaking specialists on our 100+ member team ensure effective communication and project delivery within Asia's varied language contexts.

QEdge also leverages regional relationships and compliance expertise to help overseas clients expand into new Asian territories. Comprehensive knowledge of localization requirements, from legal standards to payment preferences, prepares brands to engage Asian audiences profitably on a global scale.

A Proven Track Record as a Sitecore Asia partner

Over two decades in business, QEdge has earned a sterling reputation for its high-caliber Sitecore work across Asia. Notable long-term clients consistently renew engagements and recommend QEdge's services, highlighting the value delivered.

Sitecore Support Options for the Enterprise

A few of QEdge's illustrious Asia-focused Sitecore case studies include:

  • Cochlear: As a global leader in implantable hearing solutions, Cochlear partnered with QEdge to launch a robust Mandarin Sitecore site mediating over 15,000 visitor sessions per month. Compelling UX and targeted content has since driven a 600% increase in qualified leads for Cochlear's China operations.
  • Suez: A multinational environmental services company, Suez tapped QEdge's Hong Kong office to build an integrative Sitecore presence coordinating their Asia Pacific water and waste enterprises. Insightful analytics now aid strategic decision-making throughout the region's diverse utility sectors.
  • Shangri-La Hotels: This iconic hospitality brand leveraged QEdge's creative and Sitecore prowess to fully reimagine its digital flagship. The revamped international site boosts direct online bookings while authentically representing Shangri-La's Asian heritage on a global scale.

How QEdge Maximizes Sitecore Partner Benefits

To maintain its status as a top Sitecore ally, QEdge employs numerous best practices to enrich the value of the partnership:

  • Certification: QEdge prioritizes keeping staff expertise up-to-date via complementary Sitecore training.
  • Early Involvement: Our Asia team leads contribute early feedback on new Sitecore releases through beta testing summits and focus groups.
  • Community Leadership: QEdge employees have spoken at major conferences like Sydney Sitecore Meetup to share successes in elevating community standards.
  • Marketing Alignment: The partnership is prominently displayed across their agency collateral and proposals, underscoring trust in Sitecore's solution.
  • Global Mindset: Regular partnership events introduce QEdge leaders to innovative colleagues worldwide, inspiring new growth strategies.

With this caliber of commitment to the Sitecore alliance, backed by substantial regional experience, QEdge has securely cemented its status as a go-to technology advisor throughout Asia's quickly digitizing markets.

Why Sitecore Is the Best Choice for Regulated Industries?

Their deep understanding of both local audiences and Sitecore's technical capabilities empowers clients to maximize every aspect of their Asian digital presence. QEdge's expertly localized Sitecore practices will undoubtedly continue propelling strategic visions across the region's diverse industries for many years to come.

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