Suez Asia with all content operation & maintenance of the Asia Pacific website.

Suez Environment is the world's largest water business company and a global environmental business enterprise with a history of 130 years, headquartered in France.

In Asia, and particularly in China, Suez has become an important partner for cities and business customers, helping companies, governments and communities to develop innovative and resilient solutions for water management, solid waste resource management, soil remediation and air governance, with a positive impact on our environment, health and climate.

The rapid development of Suez business requires the coordination of digital publicity work, and the frequent maintenance of the website content and the strict approval process are major headaches for relevant staff.

Since 2023, QEdge Digital Solutions has been providing Suez Asia with all content operation and maintenance on the Asia Pacific website. From demand response to the final content approval online, QEdge Digital Solutions has established a standardized Sitecore website content operation and maintenance response mechanism.

Our services cover content entry, Sitecore technical support, official website troubleshooting and other domains. Through high quality and international standard service implementation process, the follow-up cooperation between QEdge Digital Solutions and Suez Asia will be further deepened, and there will be in-depth cooperation in the upgrading of Sitecore, function development, digital marketing implementation and long-term planning and operation of the enterprise's official website.