Leveraging Sitecore to Boost Digital Brand Awareness

Founded in 1981, Cochlear pioneered the development of the multi-channel cochlear implant, which was the first device to successfully restore hearing to someone with profound deafness. Since then, Cochlear has grown into a successful publicly listed company and has provided more than 600,000 implantable devices worldwide. 


As the global leader in implantable hearing devices, Cochlear has made an unparalleled impact on the field of hearing health. Their groundbreaking technology and relentless innovation over the past four decades have allowed people to experience the life-changing gift of hearing. Cochlear's commitment to helping people connect and participate in the hearing world has established their reputation as a trusted provider of hearing implants. Their leadership in accessibility, usability and reliability sets industry standards for others to follow.


In order to form the foundation for the digital transformation ambitions of an innovative brand, Cochlear entrusted QEdge with the task of elevating its digital presence through cutting-edge Sitecore development. With a rich history in providing innovative hearing solutions, Cochlear sought to enhance user engagement, streamline content management, and create a seamless digital experience for its global audience.



Cochlear faced challenges in maintaining an integrated and user-friendly online platform that effectively conveyed its brand message and provided valuable information to diverse user groups.



QEdge embarked on a comprehensive Sitecore development journey, collaborating closely with Cochlear's team to understand their unique requirements and goals.


Leveraging the power of Sitecore, we collaborated with Cochlear building features to enhance the user experience, ensuring accessibility and responsiveness across various devices.


Enhanced functionality has upgraded the user experience. Custom pages and entities created within Content Hub optimize workflow for authors. Thanks to those features, Cochlear has observed a significant improvement in brand awareness and omnichannel consumer engagement in line with consumers’ increasing interest.


The Technologies:

Sitecore XP


Sitecore Content Hub