Top 30 FAQs about Sitecore Send


Sitecore Send is a modern engagement platform for designing and delivering personalized email experiences. As the rate of digital communication grows, marketers rely on Send to optimize email campaigns and convert more readers into customers.

This article answers the top 30 frequently asked questions about Sitecore Send. We'll cover topics related to setup, designing emails, personalization, and measurement. Whether you're a new or experienced user, this comprehensive FAQ guide has answers to your questions about using Send efficiently.

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Implementation Questions

  1. What are the system requirements for Sitecore Send?

Send is hosted on Microsoft Azure PaaS and requires no infrastructure. Internet access is needed to access the admin interface in any modern browser.

  1. How do I purchase and activate a Send license?

Licensing is included in XC 10 subscriptions. Contact your account executive to activate Send or upgrade existing XC licenses to include Send capabilities.

  1. What are the sender domains included?

By default, 1 sender domain is provisioned with additional domains available at extra cost. Domain selection impacts deliverability rates.

  1. How long does implementation take?

Typical Setups are completed within a few days. Most of the time is spent integrating with data sources, testing SMTP deliveries, and addressing any account-specific customization needs.

Top 30 FAQs about Sitecore Send

Designing Emails

  1. What design template types are available?

Send responsive designs for emails like newsletters, announcements, and onboarding series templates. Admins can also create custom templates from scratch.

  1. Can I add personalized text/images?

Yes, using tokens exposed by data sources, marketers can include dynamic fields like name, company, etc. Profile attributes are also accessible to personalize content.

  1. How do I incorporate A/B testing?

Send allows defining variants for elements like subject lines, images, and CTAs to statistically compare results. Tests automatically pick the best-performing version.

  1. How do I implement two-step email experiences?

Send supports multi-page onboarding emails through dynamic CSS class toggles. Each "page" is a separate section revealed sequentially on click actions.

  1. Is responsive design supported?

Out-of-the-box responsive templates ensure emails look correct across devices through fluid images and formatting optimized for mobile screens.


  1. How do I personalize content?

Sitecore profile facets make user attributes accessible through conditional logic. Rules can show/hide blocks based on past behavior, and interests to increase relevancy.

  1. How do I segment audiences?

Flexible criteria like location, demographics, site activity, etc allow filtering contacts. Segments can be targeted separately or stacked for A/B tests.

  1. Can I use behavioral data?

Through xConnect, interaction history including product views, add to carts can be tapped to send automated "nudges" to influence purchase decisions.

  1. How do I automate triggered emails?

Forms data combined with xDB events enables nurturing journeys. For example, a "Day 1" message after registration then periodic win-back reminders based on LTV prediction models.

Top 30 FAQs about Sitecore Send


  1. How do I track email performance?

Send provides real-time metrics on open rates, click-throughs, unsubscribes, spam complaints, etc to evaluate campaign effectiveness.

  1. Can I track goal completions?

Unique goal URLs allow associating clicks to desired actions like coupon redemptions, registrations, etc. Goals are versatile and custom-defined.

  1. How do I analyze A/B tests?

Send automatically picks the best-performing version based on configured KPIs like open rates, and CTR. Tests can be paused or resumed to verify sustained improvement.

  1. How do I tag emails for monitoring?

Google Analytics and other 3rd party trackers can be implemented through tags injected into email templates and landing pages. Tracks traffic sources in granular detail.


  1. How do I manage users and permissions?

Roles govern interface sections visible to associates, analysts, designers,s, etc. Granular item security controls authorizations at the list, and template levels.

  1. How do I view dashboards?

Dashboards provide real-time campaign performance and key portfolio metrics. Multiple views and filtering allow the monitoring of specific campaigns or groups.

  1. How do I schedule email sends?

The calendar view allows scheduling campaigns days or weeks in advance. Cron jobs handle delivery at scheduled times to spread traffic over hours for optimal deliverability.

Data & Integration

  1. How do I import contacts?

Bulk contact loads through CSV files are supported. Segment mappings define profile fields for data enrichment from xDB/xConnect.

  1. How do I manage contact lists?

Intuitive list builder allows the creation of dynamic groups based on filtering conditions. Lists are central to segmenting and targeting audiences.

  1. How do I integrate with CRM?

Out-of-box connectors to leading platforms like Dynamics, Salesforce, and HubSpot facilitate the automatic sync of contacts and profile updates based on transactions.

Top 30 FAQs about Sitecore Send

Advanced Features

  1. How do I create landing pages?

Visual editor supports landing page design with various components and sections. Goal tracking works via hosted pages on the domain.

  1. What adaptive message capabilities exist?

AI-driven nudging identifies contextual triggers to proactively reach out through dynamic hyper-personalized journeys based on recent behavior.

  1. How do I create editorial calendars?

Schedule and assign campaign tasks through drag/drop calendar planning. Sends calendar invites to maintain oversight on goals set across quarters/year.

  1. How secure are emails?

Strict SPF/DKIM enforcement and content scanning protect brands against phishing. Encrypted SMTP accounts prevent list leakage during collection and transfer.

Support & Security

  1. What support options are available?

Standard support is available through the documentation portal and community forums. Higher tiers provide priority access to technical account reps.

  1. What data security practices are followed?

Google reCAPTCHA prevents bot signups. Credit/mobile verification stops account takeovers. Email processing occurs inside Microsoft-audited Azure infrastructure behind firewalls.

  1. Do you have any Send success stories?

Many global enterprises use Send to scale nurture programs lowering acquisition costs through contextual re-engagement. Some examples include Dell, Coca-Cola, and Target seeing 2-5x ROI increases.

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