Shangri-La Hotel Group's Website Upgrade Powered by QEdge


The successful upgrade of the Shangri-La Hotel Group's official website to Sitecore Version 10.2, facilitated by QEdge Digital Solutions, marks a significant milestone for the group's digital transformation journey. This upgrade not only addressed the challenges faced by the authoring team but also brought about a host of benefits that enhanced the overall customer experience.

By embracing the new Horizon content editor, Shangri-La Hotel Group has empowered its authoring team with a modern and efficient editing interface. The improved speed, usability, and functionality of the content editor enable the team to manage a vast amount of omnichannel content seamlessly. This enhancement facilitates quicker updates, easier content customization, and the ability to deliver personalized experiences to customers across various touchpoints.

Here is the detailed information:

Collaborative Brilliance: Shangri-La Hotel Group's Website Upgrade Powered by QEdge Digital Solutions

About Shangri-La Hotel Group

Shangri-La Hotel Group is a luxury hotel group with significant influence in China. Headquartered in Hong Kong, the group owns and operates several luxury hotels and resorts under its brands, including Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts, Kerry Hotels, Traders Hotels, and Hotel Jen. These brands cater to different market segments, offering a diverse experience for both leisure and business travelers.

In China, Shangri-La Group has established hotels and resorts in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Xiamen, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Chengdu, Sanya, and other vital cities and tourist resorts.

About QEdge Digital Solutions

As an indispensable partner and gold-medal implementation service provider of Sitecore in Asia-Pacific, QEdge has more than 15 years of Sitecore full-version project implementation, operation, and maintenance experience since Sitecore Version 5.0 in 2009. The company has a Sitecore implementation team of more than 40 experts, of whom over 90% are qualified for Sitecore certification.

We have provided Sitecore services to more than 50 large and medium-sized customers worldwide. With robust experience in Sitecore deployment, we have succeeded in implementing Sitecore localization projects for Cochlear, Kepple Land, and other multinational enterprises.

The Challenges

Shangri-La Hotel Group has enhanced the customer experience in China through digital innovations, including Headless CMS implemented using Sitecore 9. Shangri-La uses it to manage a large amount of omnichannel content, such as hotels, restaurants, events, offers, etc. With the expansion of their digital marketing strategy in China, the old content editor UI in Sitecore 9 no longer meets their authoring team’s growing editing requirements for speed and efficiency. They are eager to replace the senior content editor with a modern one, which Sitecore can provide but only in Version 10 or higher. Therefore, the brand must upgrade Sitecore to 10.2.

Collaborative Brilliance: Shangri-La Hotel Group's Website Upgrade Powered by QEdge Digital Solutions

The Solutions and Implementation

Upgrading Sitecore to another significant release is never easy. However, QEdge Digital Solutions has completed many Sitecore upgrade projects and developed our own Sitecore upgrade methodology. This includes analyzing the existing Sitecore website, planning the upgrade process, conducting the upgrade pilot test, and performing the final implementation of the upgrade.


QEdge Digital Solutions played a crucial role in the successful implementation of the upgrade. With our help, Shangri-La has successfully upgraded Sitecore from Version 9 to Version 10.2, and the new Horizon content editor delivered significant performance and experience improvements in content editing without interrupting business activities. This takes the brand's content editing experience to a new level and ultimately drives the brand's digital growth and innovation.

Final Thoughts on Shangri-La Hotel Group Official Website Upgrade

The partnership with QEdge Digital Solutions proved instrumental in the successful implementation of the upgrade. Their expertise in Sitecore deployment and upgrade projects, along with their tailored approach and proven methodology, ensured a smooth transition and minimal disruption to the group's business activities. The collaboration between Shangri-La Hotel Group and QEdge Digital Solutions exemplifies the importance of choosing the right implementation partner to achieve digital goals effectively.

Collaborative Brilliance: Shangri-La Hotel Group's Website Upgrade Powered by QEdge Digital Solutions

The outcome of the website upgrade is a testament to Shangri-La Hotel Group's commitment to innovation and delivering exceptional digital experiences. The new Horizon content editor streamlines content management processes and enables the group to leverage the advanced features and capabilities offered by Sitecore Version 10.2. This, in turn, drives the brand's digital growth, fosters innovation, and positions Shangri-La as a leader in the luxury hospitality industry.

Furthermore, the upgraded website enhances the overall customer experience by providing a user-friendly interface, seamless booking functionality, rich multimedia content, and personalized recommendations. These features create a compelling and immersive online experience for potential guests, enticing them to explore and ultimately book a stay at one of Shangri-La's luxurious properties.

Overall, the Shangri-La Hotel Group's official website upgrade demonstrates the group's commitment to leveraging technology to deliver exceptional service and experiences to their customers. The successful collaboration with QEdge Digital Solutions, the adoption of the new Horizon content editor, and the resulting benefits all contribute to positioning the group at the forefront of the industry. As Shangri-La continues to innovate and enhance its digital presence, guests can expect even more personalized, seamless, and memorable experiences in the future.

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