SCHOTT Digital Transformation: Boosting Customer Experiences


Digital transformation has become a top priority for companies looking to meet rapidly evolving customer expectations. As consumers increasingly rely on digital channels, organizations must deliver seamless omnichannel experiences to stay competitive.

The manufacturing company SCHOTT turned to the customer experience management platform Sitecore to drive its digital transformation journey and provide unmatched customer experiences.

The Challenge: Unifying Complex Global Brands

Founded in 1884, SCHOTT is a technology company operating in the glass and specialty materials industry.

With such an expansive global footprint, SCHOTT consisted of numerous different brands and subsidiaries, each with their own digital properties and channels. This resulted in an inconsistent brand experience for customers across regions and business units.

SCHOTT needed to bring together its complex web of brands under a unified digital strategy.

However, their outdated web content management system hindered their ability to deliver personalized omnichannel experiences. It lacked essential capabilities like:

  • Real-time content personalization
  • Intuitive content authoring
  • Actionable customer insights
  • Agile development practices

SCHOTT needed an enterprise-level solution that could harmonize its global digital presence and provide advanced functionality to optimize customer experiences.


The Solution: Sitecore XP Provides Complete Digital Transformation

After evaluating different customer experience platforms, SCHOTT selected Sitecore Experience Platform (XP) for its robust capabilities and ease of use.

Sitecore XP empowered SCHOTT to:

Create a Unified Brand Experience

Sitecore provided a centralized platform to consolidate SCHOTT's many different brands and subsidiaries into a single, unified technology stack. This ensured brand consistency across all properties while still allowing for flexibility to tailor experiences for local markets as needed.

The Sitecore Experience Platform provided:

  • Global content management from a single interface
  • Governance controls to align regional sites with brand standards
  • Multilingual and multi-site management
  • Localized experience optimization

With Sitecore unifying its digital presence, SCHOTT could now deliver consistent omnichannel brand experiences worldwide.

Gain Real-Time Customer Insights

Sitecore XP's integrated analytics tools gave SCHOTT unprecedented visibility into customer interactions across channels. Behavioral data is captured in real-time and aggregated into actionable insights using advanced reporting and AI.

This enabled SCHOTT to:

  • Identify customer pain points impacting conversion
  • Personalize content based on interests and intent
  • Optimize user journeys for better engagement
  • Attribute conversions to specific campaigns and content

With data-driven insights from Sitecore, SCHOTT could precisely tailor experiences to match each customer's needs and preferences.

SCHOTT Performance

Sitecore enabled SCHOTT to build a platform where central and business unit marketers collaborate with ease.


gain in domain authority


Digital assets delivered

Accelerate Agile Development

Sitecore's component-based architecture accelerated SCHOTT's agile development practices using:

  • Reusable code templates and components
  • Integrated headless capabilities
  • API-first approach
  • Cloud-native SaaS deployment

Developers could now build new features faster than ever before, getting them to market quicker to stay ahead of customer expectations.

The Results: Next-Level Customer Experiences

By transforming their digital experiences with Sitecore XP, SCHOTT:

  • Increased brand consistency across all properties to improve customer trust and loyalty
  • Doubled content publishing efficiency using Streamlined authoring and approval workflows
  • Achieved more conversions through personalized customer experiences

Sitecore also provided an intuitive content authoring environment where SCHOTT's marketers could optimize and personalize experiences without IT help. This agility allowed them to continually refine customer touchpoints based on analytics insights.

Looking Ahead: New Digital Innovations

In addition to the Sitecore Experience Platform, SCHOTT plans to take advantage of other solutions in the Sitecore portfolio to further enhance customer experiences:

Sitecore Content Hub

This SaaS digital asset management system will empower SCHOTT marketers to manage brand images, videos, and other creative assets from one centralized repository. Seamless integration with Sitecore ensures brand assets can be easily utilized across all properties.

Sitecore Commerce

SCHOTT is evaluating this robust e-commerce engine to build engaging self-service customer portals integrated with backend ERP systems. Sitecore Commerce delivers the enterprise-grade capabilities SCHOTT needs to sell directly to consumers and improve service experiences.

Sitecore CDP

This customer data platform will allow SCHOTT to construct a unified customer profile by consolidating data from any source. Ultra-precise segmentation and activation will further personalize engagements using artificial intelligence.

As customer expectations continue to evolve, SCHOTT is well-positioned to deliver innovative brand experiences across touchpoints. With Sitecore as the digital experience foundation, SCHOTT can confidently continue on its transformation journey.