ScenicE+Sitecore: Empowering Marketers and Boosting Agility


Luxury cruise and tour operator Scenic Tours was facing a challenge. As a global business with complex marketing needs, they required an agile platform that empowered marketers to create personalized, targeted campaigns.

However, their outdated web content management system (CMS) was holding them back. After partnering with Sitecore, Scenic Tours transformed its marketing capabilities.

Here’s how Sitecore’s solutions helped them achieve their goals.

Campaign creation was slow, taking months from concept to launch.

With cruises traversing Europe, Russia, Egypt, the Americas, and Asia, Scenic Tours caters to a diverse, discerning clientele. Their marketing team must craft personalized messaging and experiences for different markets and trip types. But their old CMS couldn’t keep up.

The system’s outdated architecture increased reliance on IT for simple tasks like creating a landing page.

Marketing was bottlenecked, unable to rapidly test ideas or capitalize on trends. Scenic needed a future-ready solution to streamline workflows and empower non-technical users. The new platform had to be intuitive and visual, so marketers could work independently. It also required robust personalization and testing capabilities to deliver tailored messaging.

After reviewing options, Scenic Tours chose Sitecore Experience Manager CMS, integrated with Sitecore CDP and Sitecore Personalize. With its user-friendly tools and personalization engine, these Sitecore solutions promised to unleash their marketing potential.

Scenic Performance

With Sitecore, we can develop a campaign site just by using templates.


faster content creation


quicker to find content

Simplifying Campaign Building

Sitecore delivered on its promise. Right away, Scenic marketers utilized Sitecore Experience Manager's intuitive content editing tools. The WYSIWYG editor provided an efficient visual interface, while robust templates standardized the creation of pages, components, and campaigns.

Sitecore’s user-centric tools enabled the marketing team to take ownership of creative work, reducing reliance on IT.

Campaign conceptualization, design, and deployment timeframes shrunk from months to just days or weeks.

The ability to rapidly develop, test and refine campaigns opened new opportunities.

Scenic marketers can now respond swiftly to trends, launching targeted landing pages for hot destinations or timely deals. Self-service access has also inspired more experimentation, fueling continuous optimization.


Personalizing for Global Audiences

With Sitecore CDP and Sitecore Personalize's built-in personalization engine, Scenic Tours can now tailor messaging for diverse markets and trip types.

Segmentation tools and insights from the unified customer profile guide campaign targeting.

Dynamic content blocks adapt in real-time, serving personalized images, calls to action and messaging tailored to the visitor’s location, interests, and more.

Scenic also leverages A/B and multivariate testing to optimize experiences. They’ve experimented with elements like imagery, headlines and itineraries to determine what resonates most with different audiences.

The ability to quickly personalize across markets has been a game changer. Scenic saw a 42% uplift in new site visits after personalizing on-site messaging for different origins.

Adaptive campaigns also help them maximize the impact of promotions and seasonal deals.

Driving Efficiency with DAM and PIM

To further streamline workflows, Scenic Tours integrated Sitecore Experience Manager with Sitecore Content HubTM for digital asset management (DAM) and product information management (PIM).

The DAM provides a centralized repository for approved creative assets.

Marketers can easily access, share, and update photos, videos, and other files, maintaining brand consistency. Integrations with content creation tools like Adobe Creative Cloud also simplify workflows.

Meanwhile, the PIM manages critical product data in one place.

Users can efficiently syndicate information across channels as it evolves. Scenic’s complex product catalog, with dynamic details for thousands of trips, is now easier to organize and keep updated.

Together, the DAM and PIM capabilities maximize efficiency. Marketers save time on content production and campaign management, accelerating the pace of marketing.

Accelerating into the Future

With Sitecore Experience Manager, Sitecore CDP and Sitecore Personalize, Scenic Tours has transformed its approach to marketing. Campaign creation and experimentation happens faster than ever before. Personalization and optimization drives continuous refinement of tailored messaging and experiences. And integrations with DAM and PIM systems streamline workflows and brand management.

As a result, Scenic is entering a new era of agile, impactful marketing. Their global teams are empowered to respond swiftly to trends and testing insights. Hyper-personalization maximizes engagement and conversions across diverse audiences. And seamless integrations facilitate scalable asset sharing and product data management.

Thanks to their strategic partnership with Sitecore, this leading luxury cruise and tour provider is positioned to full steam ahead into the future. Scenic Tours’ success demonstrates how the right martech stack can help ambitious brands transform marketing productivity, personalization and results. Their journey proves that with Sitecore’s secure, scalable and easy-to-use solutions, the sky's the limit on what marketers can achieve.