[2023]QEdge Propels Suez Asia's Digital Presence


A strong digital presence is essential for success in the dynamic field of environmental services. Suez Asia, a well-known industry leader, understood the need to increase its online influence and involve people throughout the Asia Pacific region. Here comes QEdge, a provider of digital experiences who is knowledgeable and creative. Together, they set out on a transformative journey that elevated Suez Asia's digital environment and transformed the way the business interacts with its stakeholders.

QEdge Propels Suez Asia's Digital Presence

About Suez Asia Official Website

Headquartered in France, Suez is the longest-running water services company in the world with over 130 years of expertise. In Asia, Suez partners with cities, communities, and companies to develop innovative environmental solutions related to:

  • Water management
  • Waste recovery
  • Soil remediation
  • Air quality

With a mission to enable sustainable environmental stewardship, Suez Asia empowers customers and partners to optimize the use of resources and build circular economies. Their services promote public health, environmental restoration, and climate resilience across China and the Asia Pacific region.

About QEdge Digital Solutions

As an indispensable partner and gold-medal implementation service provider of Sitecore in Asia-Pacific, QEdge has more than 15 years of Sitecore full-version project implementation, operation, and maintenance experience since Sitecore Version 5.0 in 2009. The company has a Sitecore implementation team of more than 40 experts, of whom over 90% are qualified for Sitecore certification.

We have provided Sitecore services to more than 50 large and medium-sized customers worldwide. With robust experience in Sitecore deployment, we have succeeded in implementing Sitecore localization projects for Cochlear, Kepple Land, and other multinational enterprises.

The Challenges

Operating in 15 countries across Asia, Suez Asia manages a multifaceted web presence encompassing:

  • Corporate site showcasing services and expertise
  • Local sites for regional subsidiaries and locations
  • Project sites highlighting customer partnerships
  • Multilingual support for global audiences
QEdge Propels Suez Asia's Digital Presence

With staff spread globally, coordinating web content maintenance and updates posed a major challenge. The rapid development of the Suez business requires the coordination of digital publicity work, and the frequent maintenance of the website content and the strict approval process are major headaches for relevant staff.

From a technical perspective, Suez Asia’s websites relied on Sitecore for content management. Configuring new templates, troubleshooting platform issues, and implementing designs required Sitecore expertise.

The Solutions and Implementation

To overcome these roadblocks, streamline content operations, and unlock the full potential of their websites, Suez Asia partnered with QEdge in 2023.

Since 2023, QEdge Digital Solutions has provided Suez Asia with all content operation and maintenance on the Asia Pacific website. QEdge Digital Solutions has established a standardized Sitecore website content operation and maintenance response mechanism from demand response to the final content approval online.

As an award-winning digital experience provider, QEdge helps companies maximize their Sitecore investment through expert strategy, implementation, and managed services. With capabilities spanning design, development, and ongoing optimization, QEdge was the ideal partner to elevate Suez Asia’s web presence.


Our services cover content entry, Sitecore technical support, official website troubleshooting, and other domains. Through high quality and international standard service implementation process, the follow-up cooperation between QEdge Digital Solutions and Suez Asia will be further deepened, and there will be in-depth cooperation in the upgrading of Sitecore, function development, digital marketing implementation and long-term planning and operation of the enterprise’s official website.

QEdge Propels Suez Asia's Digital Presence

The successful partnership between QEdge and Suez Asia demonstrates the power of aligning digital experience know-how with business growth goals.

Thanks to improved content operations and technical optimization, Suez Asia progressed their web properties, reaching wider audiences and promoting their brand more efficiently across the region.

Final Thoughts on Suez Asia Official Website Upgrade

The partnership between Suez Asia and QEdge exemplifies the tremendous power of collaboration and digital prowess. By seamlessly integrating QEdge's expertise into Suez Asia's operations, the environmental services giant was able to overcome complex web management challenges, streamline content operations, and enhance their Sitecore capabilities.

The result? A remarkable evolution of Suez Asia's digital presence, empowering the company to reach wider audiences, showcase its environmental leadership, and drive business growth across the Asia Pacific region. As the partnership continues to flourish, Suez Asia and QEdge stand poised to embrace future opportunities, cementing their positions as pioneers in the digital realm of environmental services.

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