Leading Retailers Are Embracing Digital Experiences With Sitecore


Consumer behavior and expectations are changing at a rapid pace, so staying competitive requires more than an online storefront. To deliver personalized shopping journeys across every touchpoint, retailers are modernizing content management, e-commerce capabilities, and using AI.

Here's how brands are using cloud-native technologies to accelerate their digital transformations with composable digital experience platforms. These retailers show how modernizing digital experiences can boost revenue and conversion rates.

A New Era of Retailing Demands New Capabilities

Creating great content isn't the only challenge retailers face. Marketers need to be able to orchestrate marketing messages, product information, and other content across multiple channels, locations, devices, and audiences to get the right results. However, omnichannel strategies still fragmented experiences across websites, stores, and apps.

Today, a new standard is emerging - channel-less digital experiences that seamlessly unite online and offline interactions. However, achieving true channel-less engagement at scale is no simple task for large brands. Between dispersed assets, siloed systems, disconnected data, and legacy infrastructure, orchestrating consistent brand experiences can feel near impossible. Outdated technologies also hamper the flexibility and speed needed to keep up with evolving customer demands.

Retailers need to modernize their digital experience capabilities to thrive. Brands can transform engagement and boost business results by optimizing content velocity, orchestrating experiences across channels, monetizing content anywhere, leveraging agile cloud-native platforms, and delivering personalized journeys.

Here's how five leading retailers modernized their digital experiences with Sitecore. It's amazing how impactful the right technology partner can be.

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Bachman’s Drives 400% Online Growth with Enhanced Experiences

Bachman's, a leading garden center that also sells home goods, had to make its premium in-store experience digital. Due to the pandemic, online sales went up 400%, so an optimized ecommerce platform was a must.

The Bachman's website has been redesigned using Sitecore's headless commerce capabilities. This made it easy to create an engaging online shopping destination. The company's personalized experiences are based on customer behavior when it centralizes product content and orchestrates it across sites, mobile apps, and partnerships.

The results have been transformative. Through enhanced experiences featuring curated product recommendations, immersive visual content, and streamlined checkout, Bachman's increased time on site by 32%, attracted 19% more new visitors, and boosted conversion rates by nearly 10%. Average order values also grew significantly.

With Sitecore's modern tools and architecture, Bachman's now has the agility and insights needed to keep engaging customers wherever they are and driving even higher revenue growth well into the future.

L’Oreal Automates Content at Scale with Generative AI

L'Oreal, the world's largest beauty company, sells more than 6.5 billion products a year across 190 countries. Since there are so many brands, products, and markets, it's tough to make sure your website has optimized meta titles and descriptions.

Using Anthropic's AI writing assistant, L'Oreal automated this process across hundreds of thousands of pages. This AI solution generates SEO-optimized meta content for each unique page based on its existing header and body text using machine learning models trained on L'Oreal's own data.

This has completely transformed L'Oreal's content operations. By automating a process that once took teams of webmasters over 120,000 hours per year, L'Oreal's marketers can now focus on higher-value strategic work versus manual tagging. Ultimately, the company is enhancing search discoverability through AI-powered efficiencies - a true testament to the power of generative technologies.

leading retailers are Embracing digital experiences with Sitecore

Jonastone Streamlines Commerce with a Single Platform

As a leading European construction materials supplier with pan-regional commerce, Jonastone needed an agile way to present products online matching their premium in-store experience. Delivering contextual content, building specific recommendations, and enabling flexible multilanguage shopping were also must-haves to engage international audiences.

Migrating to Sitecore provided a unified platform for Jonastone to build and optimize digital experiences. Marketing teams now create and launch personalized content rapidly across all countries. At the same time, the composable headless architecture offers IT flexibility to deploy new experiences faster through continuous integration and delivery.

Most notably, Jonastone streamlined previously isolated systems onto a single digital core. As a result, they increased revenue 25% by improving customer journeys with localized, personalized experiences. Modernizing their digital capabilities in this way has been transformational for both the business and technical operations.

Big Lots personalizes Experiences to Increase Revenue 25%

Much like other retailers, Big Lots faced frustrations managing both customer and internal-facing digital experiences. While they offered personalization, it was inconsistent and siloed rather than being orchestrated systematically across channels. Additionally, disjointed technologies complicated processes for internal teams.

Migrating to Sitecore provided Big Lots with an AI-powered platform to deliver relevant, personalized recommendations at scale. By analyzing trillions of customer signals, Sitecore helps Big Lots understand preferences and behavior to curate authentic shopping journeys. This approach automated personalization across search, browse, and targeted product recommendations.

The results have been hugely positive. With Sitecore empowering data-driven digital strategies, Big Lots increased overall revenue 25% by optimizing customer touchpoints. Additionally, streamlining operations onto a single system has created efficiencies by simplifying website management for internal teams. Their success epitomizes the commercial impact of modern digital experiences.

JD Finish Line Scales Engagement with Sitecore and AI

JD Finish Line is a leading multichannel retailer of sneakers, apparel, and gear from top brands. As commerce evolves and product catalogs get more complex, keeping up requires new digital tools.

JD Finish Line's partnership with Sitecore enabled AI-powered search and personalization at scale. Based on Sitecore's integration with Microsoft Azure AI, JD Finish Line creates hyper-relevant search and recommendations that are tailored to each shopper.

This has amplified engagement across JD Finish Line's digital properties. By understanding customer interests deeper through AI, the brand delivers more compelling discovery experiences that help increase both sales and revenue per online visit. Their transformation exemplifies how modern technologies like AI can scale personalized digital commerce.

Accelerating Success with Modern Digital Foundations

These leading retailers all succeeded by modernizing digital foundations with Sitecore to meet new customer expectations. Whether centralizing previously siloed assets, streamlining disconnected systems, or enabling AI and data-driven personalization at scale - modern technologies transformed business performance.

Specifically, Sitecore provides the tools needed to:

  • Centralize digital assets in a modern DAM for consistent delivery everywhere
  • Build and deliver personalized experiences across any channel via a unified CMS
  • Develop unique commerce capabilities to monetize content anywhere
  • Ensure scalability, performance and time for innovation through cloud-native architectures
  • Drive intelligent content operations and merchandising with AI

As these stories show, modernizing digital experience platforms unleashes immense business value. By reimagining journeys with Sitecore, success changes from a possibility to a reality through orchestrated experiences that convert across every touchpoint.