How Sitecore Doubles Digital Output at GP Strategies


The professional services firm GP Strategies had a content problem. The global company, headquartered in Columbia, Maryland, provides performance improvement and workforce development solutions for a wide range of industries. But with countless projects underway, coordinating and distributing marketing content was a constant struggle.

Different regions and offices stored content locally, with limited visibility into what others were producing. This led to redundant content creation that wasted resources and missed opportunities for repurposing content.

Centralized Platform Fuels Content Velocity

In their search for a solution, GP Strategies prioritized flexibility, ease of use and cloud-based access that could scale across regions. With a diverse global workforce, the platform also needed to be intuitive and user-friendly for non-technical users.

After evaluating options, they selected Sitecore Content Hub for its ability to centralize and organize all content in a user-friendly portal with powerful native DAM functionality. The platform provided robust digital asset management capabilities while eliminating the need for on-premise software or infrastructure.

The intuitive interface meant minimal training was required for users. With content consolidated into a user-friendly portal, teams could now easily search, share, reuse, and repurpose digital assets thanks to Sitecore's seamless DAM capabilities like metadata tagging, dynamic workflows, and integrated artificial intelligence.

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Sales staff could quickly find relevant thought leadership content for their presentations without starting from scratch using Sitecore's powerful DAM search and filtering tools. Creative teams could repurpose visuals across campaigns and sites with version control provided in the platform. The central repository gave every team greater visibility into content their colleagues were producing globally.

Unlocking Content Potential Across Channels

With a centralized content repository now powering their omnichannel content delivery through robust DAM, GP Strategies tapped new opportunities to extract value from content. Digital asset sharing increased 57% year-over-year, fueling greater content reuse enabled by Sitecore Content Hub's workflow automation and distribution tools.

Sales teams could find whitepapers, infographics and thought leadership to strengthen their client presentations thanks to powerful search and smart recommendations built into Sitecore's digital asset management. The marketing team consistently produced more digital publications, case studies and videos to share across channels using Sitecore's flexible distribution engine.


Web traffic also increased thanks to regular website updates with fresh assets directly from the Content Hub through seamless integration tools.

Internally, the Connect mobile app for Sitecore Content Hub drove adoption by allowing employees to easily access assets directly from their mobile devices. This enabled field teams to quickly share project photos and videos back into the portal from anywhere using the robust mobile digital asset management capabilities.

The Results: Double Output, Unified Brand and Higher Value

Within a year, Sitecore Content Hub had transformed content workflows at GP Strategies into a high-velocity, centralized engine powering digital experiences globally through its user-friendly but industrial-strength DAM. Results included:

  • increase in digital content output powered by Sitecore DAM
  • increase in content asset sharing enabled by omnichannel distribution
  • Mobile access drove field content contributions
  • Sales teams enhanced client presentations with robust DAM search
  • Marketing created more publications, videos and case studies
  • Real-time website updates increased engagement through SaaS flexibility

By consolidating their content onto a cloud-based platform with user-friendly workflow, GP Strategies gained unified brand control across regions. Content is now created once and leveraged across business units and channels for greater value thanks to Sitecore's enterprise-level digital asset management capabilities.

With a solid content foundation now in place powered by Sitecore's cloud-based digital asset management, GP Strategies is positioned to continue expanding their digital content capabilities globally.