Ausgrid's Website Implementation with Sitecore by QEdge


In 2015, Ausgrid's Website Implementation was conducted by QEdge using Sitecore 7.2, a robust and scalable content management system designed to help companies manage their digital content and deliver personalized user experiences.

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About Ausgrid

Ausgrid is an Australian energy utility company responsible for the distribution and management of electricity to customers in the state of New South Wales (NSW), primarily within the Greater Sydney area, the Central Coast, and the Hunter regions. Established in 1996 as a state-owned corporation, it has since undergone multiple changes in ownership and structure.

Ausgrid GIS. (Geographic Information System) means Ausgrid's spatial information database, detailing electrical network connectivity and electrical asset location.

Ausgrid is responsible for maintaining and upgrading the electricity network, which includes over 200,000 kilometers of powerlines, substations, and other infrastructure.

The company is committed to delivering reliable and sustainable energy solutions to its customers while working towards reducing its environmental impact.  In addition, the company invests in renewable energy projects and collaborates with stakeholders to develop innovative technologies, smart grids, and energy management systems for a more efficient and sustainable power supply.

Ausgird's website implementation was conducted by QEdge.

About Qedge

QEdge Digital Solutions is a digital agency dedicated to Sitecore implementation, deployment, and localization in China. QEdge and Sitecore have been partners for over a decade. Together, we provide a unique blend of Sitecore technology and China-specific digital products.

As a Sitecore Gold Implementation Partner, QEdge boasts a team of highly skilled developers with Sitecore certifications. With over a decade of experience in diverse industries, QEdge excels in Sitecore development and maintenance.

Over the past years, QEdge has been providing professional services to many Fortune 500 Companies, industry leaders, and well-known brands, such as Disney, Lionsgate, ZTE, etc.

QEdge is an international software and marketing company dedicated to software development, creative design, Sitecore performance, and branding.

QEdge Digital Solutions is committed to provide Sitecore digital marketing solutions

The Challenges

As a distribution network service provider, Ausgrid recognized the importance of having a strong online presence to provide customers with easy access to real-time information about power outages, ongoing maintenance work, and other critical updates. To achieve this goal, Ausgrid partnered with QEdge, a specialized Sitecore implementation service provider that focuses on developing cutting-edge digital solutions for businesses and organizations.

The Solutions and Implementation

In 2015, QEdge implemented Ausgrid's official website using Sitecore 7.2, a robust and scalable content management system designed to help companies manage their digital content and deliver personalized user experiences. One of the most notable features of the Ausgrid website, implemented by QEdge, is the Geographic Information System (GIS)-based online outage forecasting and reporting system.

The GIS-based outage forecasting and reporting system is an innovative feature that allows Ausgrid customers to access real-time information about power outages in their area. By incorporating GIS technology into the outage forecasting and reporting feature, Ausgrid's website can provide accurate and up-to-date information on power outages, helping customers stay informed about the status of their electricity supply.

To develop this functionality, QEdge utilized Sitecore's Web Forms for Marketers (WFFM) module, which allowed developers to create custom forms, collect user data, and integrate the information into various Sitecore workflows. By leveraging this module, QEdge was able to create a custom form that collected user location data to provide accurate information about power outages in the area.


The implementation of the GIS-based outage forecasting and reporting system not only improves customer service but also demonstrates Ausgrid's commitment to leveraging technology and innovation to enhance the overall user experience. By partnering with QEdge and utilizing Sitecore's advanced features, Ausgrid was able to deliver a reliable and efficient online platform for its customers.

Final Thoughts on Ausgrid’s Website Implementation

  • Ausgrid faced the challenge of providing customers with real-time information about power outages and updates. By partnering with QEdge and implementing Sitecore, Ausgrid was able to build an innovative website with advanced features like the GIS-based outage reporting system to address this challenge.
  • The GIS-based outage reporting feature is a great example of how technology can be leveraged to enhance the customer experience. By incorporating an interactive map that provides location-based updates, customers can easily get information that is relevant to them. This demonstrates Ausgrid's customer-centric approach.
  • QEdge's expertise and long-standing partnership with Sitecore were instrumental to the success of this project. With years of experience, QEdge was able to develop a robust solution using Sitecore's functionalities to meet Ausgrid's needs.
  • By working together, Ausgrid and QEdge were able to develop an innovative digital solution that benefits both the company and its customers.
  • Features like the GIS-based outage reporting system have a wide range of applications that could add value to many businesses.

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