[2021]The only Sitecore MVP in China is here!


An employee of QEdge Digital Solutions, Kai Wang, honored to receive this award on January 28, 2021, was recognized by Sitecore as the world's most valuable expert (MVP). Sitecore MVP award recognizes those who use its technology in an exceptional way. It is a privilege to receive this award, and the only person to receive it in China.

The only Sitecore MVP in China is here!  qedge technologies is committed to provide Sitecore digital marketing solutions.

QEdge’s Kai Wang Named Sitecore MVP

Sitecore technology applications, practical experience, experience strategies, and other related content can be shared with other Sitecore partners and customers if you have rich knowledge of Sitecore, actively participate in Sitecore's online and offline communities, and share them with others. It is more likely that you will become Sitecore's MVP if you share more technical content and get more people to like it. Thus, Sitecore makes it easier to connect and apply the technology across the globe.

A community of more than 12,000 certified developers and over 20,000 active participants participate in the 2021 MVP program, which recognizes professionals who provide outstanding customer experiences by sharing expertise on Sitecore's products. The 284 MVPs in 2020 demonstrated real mastery of the Sitecore platform to support partners, customers, and prospects by sharing invaluable knowledge.

In this case, QEdge Digital Solutions' employee Kai Wang won the technical MVP award, one of three types of awards: technical MVP, strategic MVP, and MVP ambassador. It primarily relies on the publication of Sitecore-related blogs, podcasts, videos, etc. In addition to publishing high-quality content, actively answering questions, commenting, and participating in Sitecore-related sharing communities (such as the Community.sitecore.net forum, the Sitecore Slack channel, and user group seminars), you'll publish high-quality content, actively respond to questions, comment, etc.

Among other things, you'll contribute to open-source modules, provide feedback on new products, and share knowledge about Sitecore technology. In order to obtain such awards, technicians must not only accumulate considerable Sitecore technology and have practical experience but also follow up on the development of Sitecore technology and keep up with the most advanced technologies. Additionally, they must follow up on Sitecore technology development. With Sitecore technology keeping pace, QEdge's win of this award also shows again that it is far ahead of the competition when it comes to implementing Sitecore technology.

More information can be found about the MVP Program on the Sitecore MVP site.

The only Sitecore MVP in China is here!  qedge technologies is committed to provide Sitecore digital marketing solutions.

Sitecore is essential in the era of personalized digital marketing

Digital marketing has gained attention, 5G technology is on the rise, cross-border travel abroad is on the rise, and digital mid-stage has been heavily utilized. Market growth has created new requirements for enterprises' marketing due to the ever-changing development trend of the marketing market.

If enterprises wish to survive in an increasingly fierce and cruel marketing environment, they should choose a powerful digital experience platform like Sitecore instead of spending a lot of time exploring how to adapt to the current market changes. This platform completes enterprise-wide data insights, creating high-quality consumer experiences and individualized situational marketing strategies. You should choose this option because it is both cost-effective and wise.

QEdge: Certified Sitecore Gold Partner

The only Sitecore MVP in China is here!  qedge technologies is committed to provide Sitecore digital marketing solutions.

In China, QEdge Digital Solutions is the best implementation company for this content management platform. They are the first companies to master Sitecore technology in China and have played an important role in implementing and promoting it. Sitecore technology development, operation, and maintenance are among the services offered by QEdge Digital Solutions.

With its 20-person technical team and extensive experience serving domestic and overseas projects, it stands out in the industry. Developing the SXA model is difficult from a technical perspective. QEdge Digital Solutions has experience with Sitecore projects and is the first Sitecore partner to use the SXA model in China. Click here to learn more details about SXA. Most Sitecore technology is provided by QEdge Digital Solutions to large domestic companies like ZTE.

With the Sitecore MVP award, QEdge Digital Solutions has once again demonstrated its technical maturity in this field, which is very important to Sitecore users around the world. According to experts, the demand for digital marketing in corporate marketing will continue to grow with the continuous and comprehensive development of digital marketing, and Sitecore will be able to demonstrate its skills in greater depth. It is natural for QEdge Digital Solutions to benefit from being the most powerful implementer of this technology in China.

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