Sitecore implementation with operation & maintenance.

As a provider of implantable hearing solutions, Cochlear is dedicated to helping people with moderate to severe hearing loss experience life with normal hearing capabilities.

The mission of the brand is to improve the quality of life of people with hearing loss, through innovative technology to improve their communication skills and overall life experience. Cochlear has provided more than 600,000 implantable hearing devices worldwide to help patients of all ages hear the world and seize life's opportunities.

Cochlear chose Sitecore for its website presence, strengthening the brand implications and helping more people gain access to hearing solutions that can impact and change their lives. The partnership has helped Cochlear gain valuable insights into customer behaviour and engagement, allowing the brand to deploy targeted campaigns based on individual preferences and interests. Sitecore's strategic expansion in China has facilitated Cochlear’s entry into new markets, the transition from B2B to B2C, and increased access to parents of young children, adults, and people who believe that medical technology can overcome hearing loss.

Utilizing its technical expertise, strategic insights, and knowledge of the Chinese market, QEdge Digital Solutions implemented the Sitecore XP Headless JSS solution for Cochlear hosted on Ali-Cloud.

This in-country hosting ensures faster and more secure data communication. This integration enables seamless communication with other marketing technologies and enhances Cochlear's ability to interact with Chinese consumers through a personalized, omnichannel digital experience. This includes delivering multilingual content on local social media platforms such as Weibo and WeChat. Cochlear's partnership with QEdge Digital Solutions has resulted in a robust enterprise-class platform that delivers a consumer-centric digital experience across multiple channels, making a significant impact on the hearing-impaired community in China.

Through the localization strategy for the Chinese market, the brand awareness of Cochlear China has increased significantly, up by 56% on a year-on-year basis. The brand also saw a 90% boost in consumer engagement. In addition, Web traffic constantly rose by 10% to 30% bi-monthly. By partnering with Sitecore and QEdge Digital Solutions, Cochlear China is able to provide customers with relevant and personalized experiences based on visitors' browsing habits and search queries. Furthermore, content authoring has become more efficient and streamlined. Contributing to Cochlear's ongoing success in transforming lives through advanced hearing solutions.