Sitecore CMS system as technical solution for medical tycoon.

Shanghai United Imaging Healthcare Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to providing customers around the world with high-performance medical image diagnosis and treatment equipment, life science instruments, and innovative solutions covering the whole chain of "basic research - clinical research - medical transformation". Through deep collaboration with universities, hospitals, research institutions, and industry partners around the world, the company constantly breaks the boundaries of scientific and technological innovation, accelerates the promotion of diagnosis, treatment, and forward-looking scientific research exploration, and continues to improve the accessibility of medical equipment and services.

As a unicorn enterprise in China's image medical device industry, United Imaging Healthcare chooses the mature, stable, and highly expandable Sitecore CMS system as its technical solution for building its global official website.

This project was developed with the latest Sitecore Version 9.3, which adopted powerful front-end technology and realized multi-end adaptation to bring users friendly browsing experience, and realized the separation of content management and content delivery from the architecture, which enhanced the security and flexible scalability of the application. The new website includes a library of reusable components that users can quickly combine, configure and design to create a personalized presentation of the brand website tailored to their creative and marketing needs. In addition, the new official website supports multi-site, multi-language, version management and approval workflow, docking with mature Solr search engine, on the basis of supporting massive data to provide users with enterprise-level search functions, and also supports the deployment and expansion of overseas stations in global data centers, supporting real-time data synchronization across regions.