B2B2C e-commerce platform: high-quality Australian products to face Chinese users directly.

RooLife Cross-border Online Shopping Platform has created a complete full-chain solution from source procurement, international logistics to warehousing operation for the majority of Chinese cross-border e-commerce and purchasing merchants, and is committed to building a comprehensive service platform of "wholesale + retail" for Australian best selling products.

This B2B2C e-commerce platform supports a number of merchants to settle in, and a number of well-known Australian brands have set up shop on the platform. The products include skin care, alcohol, clothing, food, health care products and many other categories. It enables many high-quality Australian products to face Chinese users directly.

RooLife is committed to building a B2B2C platform for the trading of preferred commodities between China and Australia, and selling more high-quality Australian products directly to China, cutting out the middleman and realizing the seamless connection between suppliers and consumers. In addition to assisting the customer to develop and build RooLife Cross-border Online Shopping Platform, QEdge Digital Solutions also provides the customer with one-stop services of software platform, technical support, company registration and filing, and offers product customization services according to customers' needs.