An online government platform for mandatory provident fund based on Sitecore 10.2 system.

Mandatory Provident fund Schemes Authority is one of Hong Kong's statutory bodies. Established in September 1998, it is responsible for regulating and monitoring the operation of Mandatory Provident fund schemes and for establishing a retirement savings system that is precious to citizens in Hong Kong.

This project is an online government platform for mandatory provident fund business developed based on Sitecore 10.2 system, including: online MPF management, inquiry, NCEOR, and many other business modules.

The business logic of the MPFA website is relatively complex. The project implementation team of QEdge Digital Solutions conducted in-depth research and communication with Hong Kong customers through on-site and remote ways, planned the implementation phase of the project in detail, and finally ensured the successful delivery of the project with high-quality work. Furthermore, QEdge Digital Solutions has also undertaken all the operation and maintenance work for the MPFA government affairs website since 2023 and follow-up development work.