Sitecore CMS system supports diversified customization.

Founded in 1958, Guangxi Liugong Group Co., Ltd. is a large-scale equipment manufacturing enterprise established by authorized operation mode of state-owned assets. It is the first construction machinery enterprise in the industry to enter the international market, and is the Double Top 100 Companies of state-owned reformed enterprise.

As the "pioneer of China's construction machinery industry" and the world's top 50 construction machinery enterprises, Liugong Machinery is one of the earliest enterprises in China to use Sitecore CMS system as the implementation scheme of official website group in order to create an international group information management mode.

With the further development of the Liugong Group, many practical needs, such as brand image display and promotion, lean management mode of informatization work and international market expansion, have put forward higher requirements for the work of suppliers.

Since 2020, QEdge Digital Solutions has been providing high-quality services for Liugong Group's Chinese official website and global official website, including Sitecore license renewal, troubleshooting, daily operation and maintenance, customized development, and other systematic services, and has been consistently recognized by relevant customer departments for its implementation ability above international standards and rigorous and responsible working attitude. Sitecore CMS system supports diversified customization.

QEdge Digital Solutions has opened sub-accounts for multiple product lines according to the actual needs of Liugong Group. Product management has been refined to the minimum level, and the workflow of editing, approval, and release has been realized. We constantly optimize the architecture and content of the official website, customize the development of news aggregation components, and provide more solutions to display brand information. We provide security certificate updates and other operation and maintenance services, with first-time quick response to daily website content updates. Sitecore CMS system has provided strong technical support for Liugong Group from the aspects of equipment and management, product R&D, manufacturing and sales, and service. Multi-product line hierarchical management, and classified management of domestic and foreign sites have greatly improved the efficiency of group information management, further upgraded brand image promotion and publicity, and helped the Group accelerate the pace of international market expansion.