Sitecore: a flexible CMS platform that helps organize and manage digital content.

Lincoln Electric is an enterprise headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, focused on the design, manufacture,and sales of a variety of electric motors, generators, and automation control equipment.

Lincoln Electric is one of the manufacturers of electric motors and generators, as well as a provider of automation control systems and solutions. The company has a wide range of applications in the aerospace, construction, energy, food, and pharmaceutical industries.

Lincoln Electric, as a conglomerate, needed a robust Content Management System (CMS) to manage its website and digital content, and Sitecore was designed to meet this requirement. Sitecore is a flexible CMS platform that helps Lincoln Electric better organize and manage its website and digital content, and provide a more popular responsive design to provide a consistent user experience across a variety of devices. It allows Lincoln Electric to better control its digital content, provide a better user experience, and maximize the effectiveness of its website.

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