Multi-language & site management capabilities gain reputation in the Asian real estate market.

Keppel Land is a Singapore-based real estate development company primarily engaged in real estate development, investment, management and sales. Its main business assets include residential, commercial, office and industrial properties.

Keppel Land operates in Asia, Europe and the Americas, and currently has major markets in Asia including Singapore, China, Vietnam, Indonesia and the Philippines. The company, as one of Singapore's leading developers, is committed to providing high quality real estate products and services to its customers in the spirit of sustainability and innovation.

Keppel Land uses Sitecore as its website Content Management System (CMS) and has applied it to websites in various countries and regions, including Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia, the Philippines, and China. Sitecore is a powerful enterprise CMS designed to provide a complete digital marketing solution, including website management, content management, digital experience management, e-commerce, and personalized marketing. Keppel Land uses Sitecore to build a highly customizable and easy-to-maintain website that allows users to quickly find the real estate information they need on websites in different countries and regions. What's more, Sitecore's multi-language and multi-site management capabilities enable Keppel Land to provide more personalized and detailed services to customers with different language and cultural backgrounds, thereby gaining more trust and reputation in the Asian real estate market.

As a Sitecore Platinum Partner, QEdge Digital Solutions has a wealth of Sitecore technical knowledge and experience, able to provide customers with a full range of technical support. During the multilingual website set up of Keppel Land, the content editing team of QEdge Digital Solutions used its outstanding Sitecore technology and operational capabilities to complete the work of overseas website content migration excellently. Worked with Keppel Land's international and Chinese teams to complete the content migration of the Chinese website.

Sitecore editing requires a certain foundation in Sitecore to complete. Authors need to be familiar with Sitecore's basic architecture, content management, workflows, and role authorization. During the editing process, you need to understand the editor interface, field types, site structure, layout design, and other relevant information to create, modify, and publish content. We have a Sitecore content author certified team that can quickly help customers complete content migration and Sitecore training.