QEdge Empowers the Auto Group's Overseas Expansion in the New Energy Pickup Market

This brand belongs to a large Chinese automotive group and is a mid-to-high-end intelligent new-energy auto company that specializes in outdoor ecology. It focuses on the pickup truck market while conducting product design, research, and development from a global perspective. It emphasizes creating an outdoor intelligent connected experience that exceeds expectations. While deeply cultivating the Chinese market, expanding into international markets is also an important strategic direction for the company.

In 2023, China's automobile exports reached 4.91 million vehicles, making it the world's largest automobile exporting country and setting a new historical record. Against the backdrop of this thriving industry, the automotive brand carried out a series of market expansion efforts worldwide. However, due to the relatively short time since the models were launched and the low level of brand awareness, there is a significant obstacle in the lack of an independent international official website. This hampers product showcasing, brand promotion, and customer interaction, making it difficult to effectively carry out brand marketing and hindering the international market expansion strategy.

In response to the overseas expansion needs of this automotive brand, QEdge Digital Solutions, based on extensive research, has ultimately presented a comprehensive one-stop solution covering website construction, page design, content translation, operation, and SEO. This solution aims to assist the brand in achieving digital marketing upgrades and expanding into a broader international market as quickly as possible.

The brand's new international official website is built on Sitecore. As a powerful digital experience platform, Sitecore provides robust tools and functionalities to help clients achieve their digital marketing goals.

The global website fills the gap in the client's online promotion efforts abroad. The client now possesses a robust online digital experience platform, allowing them to showcase product information, convey brand philosophy, communicate brand value, establish customer interaction channels, and expand into the international market effectively.

The brand's official website built on Sitecore will help accelerate the client's achievement of digital marketing goals by providing a superior user experience. This will expedite the client's international expansion strategy by increasing customer conversion rates, optimizing marketing strategies, significantly improving work efficiency, and offering overseas users a new, personalized, data-driven digital marketing experience.